Using our voice to stop the word.


The word appears on social media approximately every 5-seconds. And few people question it as everyday language.

But the R word is hurtful and demeaning. Not just to people with disability, but to their friends, families and carers. We want to raise awareness of the impact of the R word by speaking to people directly, from one human being to another.


The number of times the R word
was used on Twitter in the last 7 days

The R word makes me feel like I’m a second-class citizen… that I’m not as good as everyone else.


Use your voice

Show your support to stop the R word. Spread the word and share this video with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

Awareness Messages Sent

So far we’ve sent this many video messages to Twitter users who included the R word in their posts. We’d love to message everyone using the word, but we have to abide by Twitter rules on how many messages we can send each day.


Video Views

This is the total number of times our awareness videos have been watched. The more the videos are viewed, the more our voice is being heard, and the closer we are to stopping the R word.


Avivo are proud supporters of the R word campaign. For almost 50 years, Avivo have been a leading not-for-profit community organisation. Based in Perth and regional Western Australia, they work with people in their homes and communities to support them to live life.

A big part of supporting people to live life is to help them feel part of the community. And being part of the community means that people feel included, and are treated with dignity and respect. How the community treats them, and refers to them, is incredibly important.